Edited by Profs. Aries Arugay and Jean Encinas-Franco

About the book: Rodrigo Duterte’s rise and the Marcoses’ return to power have captivated Southeast Asia watchers and the rest of the world. That the spectacle of strongman rule has allured most Filipinos is no longer in doubt, with the strong electoral mandate garnered by Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in 2022. Whether their capture of state power is in any way connected and what this portends about the country’s democratic future is a key theme marking Games, Changes, and Fears. In this volume, Filipino academics and practitioners provide much needed analysis about this political succession and what it means for Asia’s oldest republic. Packed with thirteen chapters depicting insightful trends and prognosis on the Philippine economy, domestic politics, foreign policy, and society, this volume offers scholars, students, and policymakers with the analytical repertoire to understand developments in the Philippines. Overall, the chapters suggest that while some policies and practices continue under the Marcos Jr. administration, there have been pivotal changes indicating a break from the past. The chapters offer key policy recommendations critical in recalibrating Philippine political, economic, and social conditions that could address democratic backsliding, economic challenges, and societal polarization.

Publisher: ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

Several chapters in the book are authored and co-authored by current faculty members of the UP Department of Political Science:

  • “Introduction: Change and Continuity Narratives in the Philippines from Duterte to Marcos Jr.” by Profs. Aries Arugay, Jean Encinas-Franco, and Justin Keith Baquisal (MA Political Science)
  • “Duterte’s Federalism and Constitutional Change Project: From Campaign Promise to Abandoned Reform” by Prof. Maria Ela Atienza
  • “The Changing Local Political Dynamics during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Philippine Experience under Duterte (and Marcos Jr.)” by Assoc. Prof. Jan Robert Go
  • “An Unchanging Terrain? Environment and Climate Change in the Philippines from Duterte to Marcos Jr.” by Prof. Ruth Lusterio-Rico
  • “Understanding Gendered Disinformation in the Philippines and Its Implications to Women in Politics” by Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco

Access the book here: https://bookshop.iseas.edu.sg/publication/7900

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