Bachelor of Arts – Master of Arts (Political Science) Honors Program


The BA-MA Honors (Political Science) program, adopted in 1987 and implemented in 1990, is designed to develop and strengthen the training of competent political scientists. It is a five-year honors program that combines Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that are offered by the department. It is designed to develop and strengthen the training of competent political scientists in the substantive fields of Political Science through the development of their research skills.

Students are admitted into the program after their second year in the BA (Political Science) program. They are then expected to complete the BA Honors component of the BA-MA program within two years before completing the MA Honors component within one additional year. In the process, students will be required to take four readings courses (POLSC 140 series) in place of taking the comprehensive exams required under the regular MA (Political Science) program in addition to the requirements of the regular BA (Political Science) program. They will also begin taking graduate level classes during their fourth year. Lastly, BA-MA Honors students are expected to complete both an undergraduate and graduate thesis in their fourth and fifth years respectively.

Program Outcomes

The BA-MA (Honors) Political Science Program Outcomes consist of the following:

1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the breadth of seminal theories in the different areas of Political Science;
2. Design, develop, and implement research using a variety of applicable methods to analyze historical and contemporary political issues in local, national, regional and global concerns;
3. Communicate advanced knowledge in Political Science to various publics and audiences; and
4. Commit to critical thinking, scholarly excellence, and ethical conduct in teaching, research, and public service. 

BA-MA Program Coordinator

Matthew Manuelito S. Miranda, MA
Assistant Professor of Political Science
BA-MA Honors Program Coordinator