Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)

Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science program intends to provide students with an opportunity to pursue advanced studies as well as engage in independent research in political science. We train individuals to be competent in their professions, particularly in teaching and research. We also offer students the opportunity to work with and learn from leading scholars in the major areas of the discipline.

Students come from different professional backgrounds including the government bureaucracy, institutions of higher learning and the private sector. They engage the faculty as well as the larger academic community in identifying and responding to a wide array of important epistemological, ontological, and methodological questions about politics. Both faculty and students share a deep commitment to excellence in relevant, critical, and cutting-edge research in political science.

Our graduates eventually pursue careers in research and teaching as well as in government, international organizations, business, and other institutions beyond the academe. Our alumni are found in political science departments in many of the leading universities of the country.

A graduate of the PhD (Political Science) program is expected to:

  • demonstrate expert knowledge of existing and state-of-the-art theoretical approaches in at least three areas of Political Science;
  • conceptualize, design, and implement research of theoretical significance and practical relevance using sophisticated methodologies as an original contribution to existing knowledge;
  • articulate and communicate the complexities of political phenomena across multiple publics and audiences; and
  • uphold professional excellence and ethical conduct as a political scientist engaged in teaching, research, and public service.