Edited by Profs. Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem and Maria Ela L. Atienza

About the book: This book contributes to efforts in furthering the democratization and development processes in the Philippines by examining the decentralization efforts in Metro Manila. It explores existing as well as proposed development models for governance with focus on the effective and efficient delivery of social services, bringing forth growth with equity through development efforts, and addressing national-local concerns to promote political and socio-economic stability in the country. In doing so, the book examines the strong and weak governance points in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, and identifies areas for reform.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Several chapters in the book are authored and co-authored by current and former faculty members of the UP Department of Political Science:

  • The Evolving Empowerment of Local Governments and Promotion of Local Governance in the Philippines: An Overview, by Profs. Teresa Encarnacion Tadem and Maria Ela Atienza
  • Where the Gaps Are: Reexamining the Framework of Multilevel Governance to Improve the Delivery of Key Public Services in Metro Manila, by Kevin Mark R. Gomez, Joey R. Loristo, Fatima Joy O. Pamittan
  • Where the Gaps Are: Assessing Alternative Models of Governance to Improve the Delivery of Key Public Services in Metro Manila, by Kevin Mark R. Gomez, Fatima Joy O. Pamittan
  • Decentralisation Experiences in the Philippines: Social Services Sectors and the Local Government Code of 1991, by Asst. Prof. Jan Robert R. Go
  • The State of Health, Health Service Delivery, and Equity of Access in Metro Manila: Challenges and Possible Ways Forward, by Prof. Maria Ela Atienza
  • Reclaiming Public Services: Giving Back Ownership and Control of Water Services to the Public Sector by Profs. Eduardo Tadem and Teresa Encarnacion Tadem
  • Urban Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development: Empowering National and Local Governments for Solid Waste Management in the Philippines by Dr. Maria Lourdes Rebullida and Assoc. Prof. Jalton Taguibao
  • Reforms and Ways Forward for Responsible Governance, Decentralization, and Equitable Development by Profs. Maria Ela Atienza and Teresa Encarnacion Tadem

Access the book here: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-19-7804-3

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