Assoc. Prof. Jean Paul Zialcita published a journal article entitled, “The Philippines in 2023: The UniTeam Unravels” in latest issue of the Philippine Political Science Journal.

The abstract reads:

The year 2023 witnessed the political “marriage made in heaven” – the so-called UniTeam coalition between the Marcos-Romualdez and Duterte dynasties – endure serious strain. A battle for political supremacy between the two political clans appears to be brewing, leading to the rise and fall of prominent political personalities belonging to or allied with each side. This political contest, however, has not distracted Filipinos completely from the very real social and economic problems and difficulties they continue to face despite high hopes that, with the COVID-19 pandemic officially declared over, things would take a turn for the better. Top on the list of concerns among Filipinos was the rising price of basic needs like food, transportation, and health. Relieving them of the burden of high and rising costs will play a large part in deciding the outcome of any political contest that may arise in future between the Marcos-Romualdez and Duterte dynasties.

Access the article here:

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