Nelson G. Cainghog, MA
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: Silangang Palma
Trunkline: (63 2) 8981 8500 local 2380


Master of Arts in International Relations, The Australian National University, 2012, with honors

Bachelor of Arts-Master of Arts Honors Program in Political Science, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2008/2009, (BA magna cum laude)

Research Interests

South China Sea disputes, Philippine local politics, higher education policy

Courses Taught

Political Science 14: Philippine Government and Politics
Political Science 110: Political Analysis
Political Science 180: Introduction to International Relations
Social Science 2: Social, Economic, and Political Thought
Social Science 103: Statistics for the Social Sciences

Recent Publications

Raneses, N.O, Cainghog, N.G., Tamayao, M.M. and Gotera, K.M.C. 2020. Consequences of kaizen practices in MSMEs in the Philippines: The case of the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX) in Hosono. A, Page, J, and Shimada, G. (Eds.) Workers, managers, productivity: Kaizen in developing countries. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan

Kraft, H.J., Batongbacal, J., Cainghog, N., Naval, J. 2014. In defense of the Philippines: Assessing the factors affecting the country’s external defense environment. Public Policy 12: 68-112.

Cainghog, N. 2014. The Philippines in 2013: Of trust and betrayals, triumphs and disasters. Philippine Political Science Journal 35(1): 98-114.

Cainghog, N. 2011. Does the number of veto players matter? Cases of health policymaking among municipalities in Bohol, 1999-2003. Philippine Social Science Review 63(2): 31-54.