Dennis V. Blanco, DPA
Associate Professor of Political Science

Office: Silangang Palma
Trunkline: (63 2) 8981 8500 local 2380
Links: Research Gate

Dennis V. Blanco is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science in UP Diliman. He was former Associate Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences at AMA International University Bahrain and former Program Head of Political Science and Social Science in Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila. He earned his doctorate in Public Administration from Bulacan State University and obtained his Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University Santo Tomas and Adamson University respectively, graduating Cum Laude in both occasions.

Dr. Blanco’s contributions have been published in International Journal of Public Administration, Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, House, Theory and Society, Asia-Pacific Social Science Review, Asia-Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science, Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South, Sport in Society and Child and Youth Services. His research interests primarily include topics on governance, politics, public policy and public administration. He loves researching, teaching and playing basketball.

  • Doctor of Public Administration, Bulacan State University, 2011
  • Master of Arts in Political Science, University of Santo Tomas, 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Adamson University, 1992
Research Interests

Governance; public policy; politics; public administration; social policy

Courses Taught
  • Political Science 14 (Philippine Politics)
  • Political Science 151 (The Philippine Executive)
  • Political Science 155 (Philippine National and Local Administration)
  • Social Science 2 (Social, Economic, and Political Thought)
  • Political Science 201 (Analysis of Philippine Politics)
Recent Publications

Blanco, Dennis V. 2021. The Sustainable Development Lessons and Capacities of a Highly-Urbanized City in the Philippines: From the Perspectives of City Planners and Developers, 2018-2019. Local Environment: International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, 26 (1), 60-85.

Blanco, Dennis V.  2019. Urban Domestic Water Governance in the Philippines: Paradigms and Capacities.  Philippine Political Science Journal, 40 (1/2), 69-99. Brill Publishers.

The Philippines. 2020. in Markus Porsche-Ludwig and Ying-Yu Chen (eds.): Handbook of Asian States: Geography, History, Culture, Politics, Economics. Berlin etc.: LIT Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-643-91100-1.

Blanco, Dennis. (2020, December) Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines: Policies, Challenges, and Capacities.Working Papers on Development Entrepreneurship and Local Development Initiatives, Volume 1, p. 130-162.  Philippine Political Science Association Working Paper Series in partnership with the Asia Foundation. 

Blanco, Dennis Vicencio, and Rogelio Alicor Panao, “Caring for Orphans in the Philippines: A Policy-Capacity Review,” Child and Youth Services,”” (2019). In Press.

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