Department Faculty
Eric S. Ansah, PhD
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Latin American Politics, Security Sector Reform, and Democratization
Professor and Chair
Local Governance, Human Security, and Health Politics
Aimee Dresa R. Bautista, MA
Assistant Professor
Dennis V. Blanco, DPA
Assistant Professor
Nelson G. Cainghog, MA
Assistant Professor
Globalization and Health Policy
Francis Joseph A. Dee, MSc
Assistant Professor
Quantitative Research Methods and Protest Actions
Philippine Technocracy, Social Movements, and Democratization
Assistant Professor and
Graduate Program Coordinator
Politics of International Migration, Gender and Politics
Miriam Coronel Ferrer, MA
Professor (on Secondment)
Peace Process and Southeast Asian Politics
Assistant Professor and
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Politics of Media, Philippine Government, Organization Studies, and Comparative Politics
Assistant Professor
Decentralization and Municipal Politics
Kevin Mark R. Gomez, MIR
Assistant Professor
Grace Gorospe-Jamon, PhD
Professor (on special detail)
Religion and Politics
Herman Joseph S. Kraft, MA
Associate Professor (on sabbatical leave)
ASEAN Studies and International Peace and Security
Maria Anna Rowena Luz G. Layador, MIS, MA
Assistant Professor
Civil-Military Relations and Regionalism
Meiting Li, PhD
Assistant Professor
Raisa E. Lumampao, MGAP
Assistant Professor
Environment and Politics
Amado M. Mendoza, Jr., PhD
Research Methods, International Political Economy, and Politics of Southeast Asia
Jaime B. Naval, MPP
Assistant Professor
ASEAN Studies, Chinese Politics, and Public Policy
Assistant Professor
Legislative Politics and Executive-Legislative Relations
Gene L. Pilapil, MA
Assistant Professor
Democratization and Political Thought
Dennis F. Quilala, MA
Assistant Professor (on study leave)
Peace and Conflict Studies, and Political Theory
Ranjit S. Rye, MPA
Assistant Professor
E-Government Studies and Technology Management
Assistant Professor
Energy Politics and Security
Professor (on sabbatical leave)
Labor Migration, State-Civil Society Relations, and Electoral Process
Crisline G. Torres-Pilapil, MA
Assistant Professor
Electoral and Party-List Systems
Jean Paul L. Zialcita, PhD
Assistant Professor
Migration and Local Politics
Professors Emeriti
Carolina G. Hernandez, PhD
Professor Emeritus


Felipe B. Miranda, MA
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Professorial Lecturers
Olivia C. Caoili, PhD
Professorial Lecturer
Clarita R. Carlos, PhD
Professorial Lecturer
Maria Lourdes G. Rebullida, DPA
Professorial Lecturer
Temario C. Rivera, PhD
Professorial Lecturer
Part-Time Lecturers
Ferdinand C. Baylon, LlB, MBA
Senior Lecturer
Katherine Marie G. Hernandez, JD, MIS
Senior Lecturer